The Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Raymond Kolter


Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Raymond Kolter, B.A., LL.M., J.D.

Shanghai International Studies UniversitySchools of International Relations and Law1550 Wenxiang Rd., Shanghai P.R.C. 200083Mobile Telephone Number: 86-13651993974Private Email Address:


Educational Background:

  • PepperdineUniversity, School of Law & Dispute Resolution, L.A., California      1986-1989

Doctor of Jurisprudence degree (J.D.) in Law & Dispute Resolution(ADR)

  • FudanUniversity,      School of International Relations and Public      Affairs, China      2010-2014

Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) in Chinese Political History and Diplomacy

  • MidwesternStateUniversity, College of Liberal        Arts, Texas, U.S.A.                         1982-1986

Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) in Political Science, Government, JusticeSystems

Post-doctoral Graduate Coursework:

  • ShanghaiInternationalEconomics & BusinessUniversity, Graduate School       2005      – 2007

Certification in Chinese Studies coursework: Chinese laws, government, ancient and modern history, culture, philosophies, literature, banking, economy, finances

  • CaliforniaStateUniversityLos Angeles, Department of Political      Science                2003 – 2005

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Global Politics coursework: Comparative Politics, Classical Political Theory, International Relations Theory, International Politics, U.S.  Foreign Policy, Chinese Government and Politics, and Central Asian History

  • MarshallUniversityGraduateCollege, Department of Political      Science             2001 – 2002

Master of Arts (M.A.) in International Relations coursework: Seminars, Research in Advanced International Relations and Great Political Leaders in World History

Academic Honors, Awards, and Activities:

  • FudanUniversity,      School of International Relations &      Public Affairs     2010 – 2012

First Place Award: The Perception of China’s Rise (YonseiUniversity, Seoul)

Fudan Scholarship for Outstanding Graduate Student Scholar Award          2011

  • CaliforniaStateUniversity, Graduate      Department of Political Science          2004 – 2005 

Top Grades: U.S. Foreign Policy, Comparative Politics, International Relations

  • MidwesternStateUniversity,      UndergraduateCollege of Liberal      Arts     1982 – 1986 

Top Grades: Speech & Debate, American Government, International Politics

President – MSU Pre-Law Society, Justice Scholar, Legal Internship, Clerkship

Debate Team – Top Grades in Argumentation, Debate, Speech Communication

  • PepperdineUniversity, School of Law      & Alternate Dispute Resolution    1987 – 1989

Moot Court Jessup International Competition, Dispute Resolution Curriculum

High Grades in Environmental Law, Arbitration, Mediation, and Negotiation      .

Languages Studied and Spoken:

  • English,Chinese (Mandarin),French, Latin, Russian, Spanish, and Uighur      (Turkic)

Academic and Professional Teaching Experience: (Employment at six universities in China)

University Faculty Positions, Shanghai,  China:

  • ShanghaiInternationalStudiesUniversity, International Affairs      & Law   2007 –      2015

  Anglo-American Legal Systems, History of Western Legal Theories, Comparative Studies:

  Civil/Common Law Legal Traditions, Classic Readings in International Relations Theory,

  Selected Readings on International Affairs, Western Mass Media Sources, World Politics

  • ShanghaiJiaoTongUniversity,      MBASchool, Professional Education                 2007 – 2013

American History, British History, Business Law, Chinese Commercial and Financial Law

  • EastChinaUniversity of Political Science & Law,      Graduate School       2009 – 2011

  American Legal System and Law, Legal English, Legal Analysis and Writing, Moot Court

  • ShanghaiInternationalEconomics & BusinessUniversity, Law School       2005 – 2010

  American Legal System, Appellate Advocacy, U.S. Commercial Law, English Speaking,,     

  International Environmental Law, International Maritime Law, International Public Law,   

  Legal Arbitration, Legal English Skills, Legal Negotiation, Legal Research & Writing

Visiting Professor and Guest Lecturer:

  • Shanghai University of      Engineering & Science, Language Department                    2011

  Professional Speaking and Business Communication Skills: Effective Presentations

  • ShanghaiUniversity,      MBASchool, Global EMBA Program                2006-2008

         Business English Communication Skills: PPT Presentations and Persuasive Speaking

Current Affairs Commentator, International Channel Shanghai (ICS Television)  2010-2012

  • News Commentator for various national      television news programs on topics including the law, politics,      international affairs, and current social and political      developments in China

Corporate ‘Legal English’ Training: (International Law Firms & Fortune 500 Corporations)

  • English First – Training corporate legal departments      (Federal Express, IBM)   2008-2010

  • Legal Union –      Training lawyers on contracts, company law, & writing skills    2010-2013

Honors and Awards in Academia:

  • ShanghaiInternationalEconomics        & BusinessUniversity,      Graduate Law School        2006

Teaching Award: “Top Twenty Lecturers/Professors for 2006 & 2007” (300 candidates)

Government Publications and Articles:

  • Ministry of Commerce,      People’s Republic of China

Copy Editor – Foreign Market Access Reports (United States edition)           2005-2009

Academic Accomplishments and Activities:

  • Director - Jessup International        Moot Court Tournament, SIEBU Law School   2006-2009

First Place Award – Best Oral Advocate, National Competition, Beijing                  2007

First Place Award – Best Memorial Brief, National Competition, Xiamen                 2009 

  • Director – Debate Team, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade,      Business School         2009

First Place Award – Best Debater, China Central Television (CCTV) Contest           2009

  • Director – Students for Free Enterprise, National/International      Competitions             2008

First Place Award – Best Team, National Competition, Beijing                     2008

Research Institutions and Academies:

  • WTO Shanghai Research Center, Shanghai Institute of Foreign      Trade          2005-2009

  • FudanUniversity, School of International Relations and Public      Affairs          2010-2014

Post-doctoral Academic Scholar: Assignments as copy editor, lecturer, research, writing

Scholarly Articles, Research Publications, & Presentations:

  • A Comparison Between European      and U.S. Approaches Toward China’s Development: Domestic Transition vs.      National Security, Global Governance and Good Government, Fudan University, School      of International Relations, 2011

  • AsianState Capitalism:      Alternative Approaches to Political and Economic Development in East Asia,      paper for      comparative politics course, CaliforniaStateUniversity,      L.A., 2004

  • Corruption and Administrative      Ethics: Considerations in Modern China,      presentation      forChinese Public      Administration, FudanUniversity, 2011

  • Cross-Strait Relations: New Possibilities for Greater China’s      Peaceful Reunification during the 21st Century, paper forcourse on Chinese Diplomacy, FudanUniversity,      2011

  • Foreign Policy Decision-making:      Definitions, Models, Sources, and Theories, paper,       presentation for course on International Politics & Theories, FudanUniversity, 2010

  • International      Politics and Theories with “Human Characteristics”: Why there is no need      for a “Chinese” International Relations Theory, International Politics, FudanUniversity, 2010

  • Judicial Corruption in China: Categories and      Challenges for a More Efficient Public Administration of the Chinese Court      System, course      on Public Administration, 2011

  • Judicial Corruption in the      PRC: A Threat to Public Administration, paper for course on Chinese Public      Administration, FudanUniversity, 2011

  • Metaphorical Conflict      Resolution: The Methods and Instruments that Constitute Conflict      Management and Conflict Resolution, Global GovernanceFudanUniversity, 2011

  • Presidential Leadership in U.S.      Foreign Policy Making, course on Sino-US Relations and American Politics, FudanUniversity, SIRPA, 2011

  • Reform of the United Nations:      A Mission Impossible, presentation, course on Global Governance, FudanUniversity, School of International        Politics, 2011

  • The 1989 Tiananmen      Pro-democracy Movement: Causes, Failures, and Assessment of Future      Prospects for China’s      Democratization, paper onModern Chinese      Politics, FudanUniversity, 2010

  • The ‘Agreed Framework’      between the USA and the DPRK: Reasons for the Collapse of the 1994 Nuclear      Deal, presentation      for International Relations of Northeast Asia, Fudan University, School of      International Relations, 2011

  • The American Legislative      Process: The Policy-making Process of the United States Congress with a      Focus on Sino-US Issues, presentation, course on Sino-US Relations and American Politics,      Fudan University, 2011

  • The Bush Doctrine: Revolutionary, Evolutionary, or American      Exceptionalism?, presentation, course on International Relations in Northeast Asia,      FudanUniversity, 2011

  • The Iraq War:      Lessons in Nation-building, paper for international relations course, CaliforniaStateUniversity,      L.A.,      Department of Political Science, 2003

  • The Long March: The Birth of a Legend and a New Legacy for Modern China, course on Modern Chinese History,      Department of Chinese History, FudanUniversity, 2010

  • The New Great Game: Modern Historical Developments in Central      Asia, paper      for course in History of Islamic Central Asia, CaliforniaStateUniversity,      L.A., GraduateSchool,      2004

  • The Shanghai Cooperation      Organization and its Influence on America’s      Future in Central Asia, course on Chinese Foreign and Security Policy, FudanUniversity,      2012

  • The Taiwan      Issue: Cross-Strait Relations Between the Mainland and the RenegadeTwentyThirdProvince, presentation, Chinese      Diplomacy, FudanUniversity, 2011

  • The Trial of Socrates: Lessons in the Adherence to Laws, paper for course in Classical      Political Theory, CaliforniaStateUniversity,      L.A., GraduateSchool,      2004

  • Why China Failed to Develop Western-type      Industrial Capitalism, paper forcourse on      Modern Chinese Politics, FudanUniversity, 2010

Areas of Teaching Experience and Interest:

  • American Law, American      History, International Law, Legal & Political Theory, Mass Media, International      Relations, Philosophy, Political Science, and Language Studies

Professional Experience: (over thirty years of extensive experience in areas of law & politics)

American Legal Consultants    Shanghai, China                          2005 - 2015

Legal Consultantto Fortune 500 Corporations, Chinese companies, and law firms

              Training for corporate legal departments, business professionals, and law students

              Experience in teaching legal drafting, language, research, writing correspondence

Pierson Law Group, LLC   Century City, California,  USA2000 - 2004

Corporate Attorney for corporate legal group specializing in areas of business law

Cases included business leases, insurance coverage disputes, and mass-tort litigation 

Experience in business litigation, contractual disputes, arbitration, corporate law


Kolter & Associates, LLC          Los Angeles, California, USA       1995 - 1999

Managing Partner/Attorney for law firm specializing in general civil law practice

Cases included manufacturing defects, product warranties, and insurance coverage

Experience in mediation, negotiation, settlement, arbitration, litigation of disputes

Murchison & Cumming, LLC    Los Angeles, California, USA         1993 - 1995

Litigation Attorneyfor law firm specializing in product liability & construction law

Cases included national product safety standards, international manufacturing defects

Experience in product liability law, insurance coverage, construction defect law

Schell & Delamer, LLC         Los Angeles, California, USA             1988 - 1993

Litigation Attorneyfor law firm specializing in general civil litigation, negotiation Cases included manufacturing plant explosions, mining disasters, automotive defects Experience in environmental law, governmental liability, professional negligence

       McKnight & Gabriel, Law Firm    San Antonio, Texas,  USA       Summer 1987

Summer Clerk for law firm specializing in real estate and commercial ventures

Drafted real estate contracts, commercial leases and numerous business agreements Experience in commercial leases, real estate law, and governmental compliance

       Martin & Martin, Law Firm          Wichita Falls, Texas,  USA             1981 - 1986

Law Clerk for litigation law firm specializing in federal criminal law and practice 

Responsible for investigations, research, document completion and case preparation

Experience in international law/treaties, international extraditions, criminal law


Professor Jingying Chen, Ph.D.              Professor Timothy Lim, Ph.D.

       Dean, School of Law                      Graduate Chair, Political Science Department

Shanghai International Economics               CaliforniaStateUniversity, Los Angeles

& BusinessUniversity (SIEBU)             Graduate School of Social Sciences

Professor Oliver Yan, Ph.D.                    Professor Thomas Liu, Ph.D.        

Deputy Dean, School of Law (SISU)             Dean, MBA Program, Chinese Law     

ShanghaiInternationalStudiesUniversityShanghaiJiaoTongUniversity (SJTU)

Academic Courses: Chinese Universities: (Ten years of university teaching experience)

EastChinaUniversity of Political Science & Law, GraduateSchool(two years)

·Legal English: The American Legal System & American Laws

·Legal Analysis, Reasoning and Writing: Structures & Styles

·Legal Research Methodology: Lexis/Nexis, Westlaw Training

ShanghaiInternationalStudiesUniversity, Schools of International Affairs & Law (eight years)

·Selected Readings in Classic International Relations Theory

·Selected Readings in World Politics: Trends and Transformation

·Selected Readings of Western Media Sources in International Affairs

·The Anglo-American Legal Systems: Theories and Practice

·The Experience of Anglo-American History and Culture

·The Common Law Tradition: Comparative Legal Studies

·Western Legal & Political Theories: A History of Civilization

ShanghaiJiaoTongUniversity, MBASchool & Professional Education (seven years)

·An Introduction to Business Law in China: Cases & Courts

·An Introduction to Chinese Commercial and Financial Law

Shanghai International Economics and BusinessUniversity, LawSchool(five years)

American Studies:

·American Jurisprudence: Legal Practice & Theory

·American Law: Contract & Commercial Practice

·American Legal System: Cases, Codes, & Courts

International Studies:

·International Public Law

·International Maritime Law

·International Environmental Law

·Introduction to World Legal Systems

Technical Legal Courses:

·Legal Writing & Reasoning

·Legal English Communication

·Legal Research Methodology

Language Courses:

·English Speaking & Presentations

·Latin Language for Lawyers

SIEBU, School of International Business: Lectures (five years)

·Diplomatic Language and Speaking Skills

·International Law: Negotiation Techniques

·Sino-U.S. Relations: Controversy & Cooperation

·The American Political System: U.S. Treaty-Making Process

ShanghaiUniversity, MBA Program, School of Business(two years)

·Business English Communication: Presentations and Speech

Shanghai University of Engineering and Science (one year)

·Professional English Speaking and Business Presentations